Monday, March 12, 2012

Eric's Season in Horror Movie Hell:Oasis of the Zombies(1981)

                                                            (at least the poster is cool)

By Eric Polk-
No one could ever confuse my intelligence with that of Albert Einstein or Dr. Stephen Hawking, but I've thought that movies by their very definition were a visual artistic medium. In other words, you have to see it to experience it.

I do admire the director Jesus Franco for taking the bold step of not including the audience when he shot this movie sometime before discovering it's ok to have a lighting crew. I mean seriously?! How can you even consider yourself a movie director when you can barely see what is going on(apparently, the plot involves treasure hunters in search of Nazi gold only to discover that it's being guarded by zombies).

And the times you can see this film, well let's just say my eleven-year old niece could have designed better zombie makeup than what I barely saw. And the filming itself.....killer zombies are approaching...what are the survivors doing to fight? Eh, it doesn't matter, let's keep showing the zombies but pipe in the audio....Oy. This dreck got so boring that at one point with my wife asleep, I wound up talking to our cat.....Oh yeah, he was pissed!

                                                                       (Shut the hell up!)

I'm not going to give this movie a pass just because the transfer from source copy to the Netflix stream was terrible....The movie was terrible in almost every conceivable way possible!

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