Monday, March 26, 2012

Eric's Season in Horror Movie Hell:It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To(2007)

By Eric Polk-
There are three words in the horror movie lexicon that both scare and anger me:Shot On Video! Oh yes, those cheapie horror films that found their way to your favorite mom and pop video stores back in the 80s were the bane of my video store going experience. Woodchipper Massacre, Crazy Fat Ethel II, those movie turn my stomach worse than a #3 combo at Taco Bell.
(I hear you Little Guy. I hear you)

Those movies didn't die with the fall of The Berlin Wall, they just manifested into better quality home cams to the point where now we have grainy quality indy cheapies, but if it quacks like a duck....
With It's My Party....directed by Tony Wash. The tradition of the SOV lives on albeit on a slightly better quality. Seventy years ago, Jacob Burkitt murdered and dismembered his entire family and cast a dark shadow over the small town of Monessen, Pennsylvania. Now Sara's friends have decided to make her 18th birthday a night to remember by throwing her a surprise party in the reputedly haunted Burkitt Manor. As her friends set up the party, the evil within the house awakens and begins killing off her friends one by one.
I must say, I was surprised by how semi-decent it was. I dug the comic panels which introed us to a new scene. The gore was ungodly wonderful. The problem as I see it is in the film quality. The graininess, while adding to the slaughter scenes, detracts from the non-gore scenes, making this a bit of a mess.
Still, it is a notch above the 80s SOV horror films and for that, it should be commended.

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