Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DBH Re-Visits:Psycho(1960)

By Eric Polk-
Ahhh, thank goodness I'm married to a non-horror fan. One of the best parts of sharing your life with someone who doesn't watch the genre with the fervor as you have is the rare moment when she asks to watch a classic horror movie you've seen more times than your mother has seen your laundry. It's that special moment in your life that made you glad you married the right one.

Rather than go over the plot of the movie(we've seen it a thousand times, I'm sure). I'll tell you what my wife thought of the movie. She laughed at the part where Vera Miles says "I'LL LICK THE STAMPS!"(It was unintentionally funny now that I think of it). Wasn't too keen on the shower scene, I think she expected more(she's seen many of the Freddy and Jason movies so I think she's spoiled on gore). She wasn't sure if it was Norman or his mother was the killer until the end of the movie when she diagnosed him as a paranoid schizo(I argued he had a split personality, which promptly lead to a smack of my head via my Star Wars Trouble

Overall, she enjoyed and I got to happily share in my passion with her. Now, if she'd only watch a Star Trek movie with me.

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