Friday, January 27, 2012

It Came From Netflix:The Virgin Spring(1960)

By Eric Polk-
Yep, folks. It's Oscar time. Time for Hollywood to pat itself on the back for the job it did this past year(In most cases, it was lousy). So rather than spout off on who and who didn't get nominated(I can truly care less), let's look at movie that would be the basis of a classic horror film nearly fifteen years later.

The Virgin Spring, directed by legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, is a story about a father's merciless response to the rape and murder of his young daughter. The story was adapted by screenwriter Ulla Isaksson from a 13th century Swedish ballad, "Töres döttrar i Wänge" . The film contains a number of themes that question morals, justice, and religious beliefs, and was considered controversial when first released due to its infamous rape scene(no big surprise there).

To sit through this, you need to be focused and patient. This is by no means a whizz-bang, smack-you- in- the-face kind of film. Unlike Virgin's spawn, Last House on the Left, there is a religious bent to this film, a questioning of faith at the hands of the father. Unlike original LHOTL, there is minimal blood, and the antagonist, though disgusting in their own right, are nowhere near as creepy as David Hess(R.I.P.) and his gang.

Overall, I liked the film. It was good to see the origins of classic horror. Be warned, however, there are subtitles and everyone speaks Swedish. Not that I mind subtitles. How else could I enjoy Tombs of the Blind Dead ?

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