Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DBH Re-visits:Freddy vs. Jason(2003)

By Eric Polk-
If life has taught me two things, one is the secret to a great Chicken Parmesan(Prego spaghetti sauce!), the other is patience. Seeing what I saw at the end of Jason Goes to Hell:The Final Friday whet my appetite for the inevitable confrontation between THE two biggest horror icons of not only the 80s but possibly of all time.
So for ten years, I waited. Everytime I picked up a copy of Fangoria magazine, Freddy vs. Jason was always in "pre-production". Ten years! Finally in August 2003, the horror geeks dream came true. And I loved it. It was worth the wait.
It was bloody, well-acted. Freddy is Freddy in this. Jason is Jason. The climatic scenes(though a bit drawn out) are intense, it was great to see a clear-cut winner(though the interference by the outsider bit the root). Recently, I saw this film again on dvd, and my opinion hasn't changed one bit. Though I did notice a subtext of medicating our society in this.

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