Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Blogs Worth Checking Out

Can you believe that Dollar Bin Horror is almost 2 years old already!?! For us here at DBH, It's pretty astoundingly to us that we've made it so far it so little time. The blog has grown from a one woman show to a three man army, we've had the pleasure of having our stories and books published, DBH radio was born and is taking over your internet airwaves, we've been honored with award after award and even TWO Rondo nominations, and even more exciting things are in the works! So today, instead of writing another review or telling another spooky tale, I wanted to do something to help out other new horror bloggers. If it weren't for other blogs sharing our link in the beginning, no one would have known about DBH and we probably wouldn't be we're paying it foward and introducing you to two fresh new faces in the horror blogosphere! Click the pics to check em out!

Mangled Matters is a blog I literally just heard about 2 days ago! A friend and fan of DBH, Justin Hamelin, is a horror film maker and has now entered the world of horror blogging. This guy is talented and is sure to be the next big name in indie horror!

Emma Audsley will be officially launching this blog, dedicated to horror and giving tips to horror authors, on Oct 31...which give you plenty of time to start following so you don't miss a single bloody post!

Don't forget to check back Monday for the start of our HUMONGOUS HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST with some of the BEST PRIZES EVER GIVEN AWAY ON DBH!!!

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