Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Review:Raw Meat(1972)

By Eric Polk-
God bless international horror. Especially old international horror. 1972's Raw Meat is a perfect blend of gore, great acting, and some humor courtesy of venerable actor, Donald Pleasance.

The film's plot concerns a family of cannibals descended from Victorian railway workers dwelling in the disused lines of the London Underground tube network. The last member of the family frequently visits the neighboring Russell Square and Holborn stations to pick off passengers for food, then takes them back to the gruesome 'pantry' at an incomplete station. When the cannibal kidnaps and kills an important politician, he is hunted by a detective as well as an American college student and his English girlfriend who were the last to see the victim in the tube station. Donald Pleasence and Norman Rossington star as the two investigating police inspectors.

Enjoyable fare from across the pond. No detectable flaws unless you are an extreme gorehound. It's there, mind you, but not in buckets.

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