Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Review:American Horror Story-Episode IV-"Halloween,Part 1"

By Eric Polk-
The craziness, bizarreness, and the eroticism return hard and heavy in the first half of this two-part episode. An episode guest-starring Mr. Spock 2.0, Zachary Quinto.

The Harmons hire interior designers ("fluffers") to make over the house to help it sell, mistaking the arriving Chad and his partner Patrick as the fluffers. Unknown to the Harmons, the couple are the former owners who were killed by the Rubberman in the house one year ago. Privately, Chad tells Vivien that he caught Patrick cheating by checking his phone bill, suggesting she do the same.

Larry harasses Ben, demanding payment for killing Hayden, but Ben rebuffs him. Ben also agrees to continue sessions with Tate, but outside the house only. Addie argues with Constance about wanting to dress as a "pretty girl" for Halloween. Constance laughs at her, saying she will never be a pretty girl. Violet meets with Tate, demanding to know what is in the basement. Tate says it is the still-living abomination created when Dr. Montgomery, driven insane, tried to bring his dismembered child back to life by sewing the pieces together with various animal parts. Violet is unimpressed by his story and demands to go on a real date. Confronted with his phone bill, Ben tells Vivien that he and Hayden are over and that she will not contact them again. To make up with Addie, Constance buys her a “pretty girl” costume. On Halloween night, when “the dead can walk freely”, Moira visits her comatose mother in a hospice. She disconnects the life support, but is unable to pass on with her pleading mother’s departing spirit. Vivien thinks Ben is not telling her the truth, demanding he leave, but the baby begins kicking, an impossibility at 8 weeks. At the hospital, an ultrasound reveals that the baby is more developed than it should be. The doctor collapses after seeing the baby on-screen. While trick-or-treating, Addie is fatally hit by a car and Constance attempts to get her to the Harmon’s lawn before she dies. Violet is alone in the house when Larry arrives demanding his money and she does not see the Rubberman behind her. The Harmons return from the hospital to find the house broken into and Violet missing.

Probably the most graphic of the episodes so far, AHS has really come into it's own as a downright creepy, bleak horror tv show. It's as if they pumped Amityville Horror on 'roids and shot it out of a cannon. I'm noticing, as well, that classic subtext of sins of the past returning to haunt the present and it's done quite well. If you haven't watched yet then head over to and watch the older episodes. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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