Saturday, September 10, 2011

DBH Re-Visits: SAW 3D

Welcome to the first DBH Re-Visits! These will be a series of posts in which I, Eric, or Brandon go back and watch films we've previously seen and/or reviewed and see if our perspectives about the film has changed. This time, I decided to go back and revisit a film that really disappointed me the first time around, SAW 3D. Now I know a lot of people hate the SAW series, I'm not one of them. I love it and I'm not ashamed to say it. No, it's far from perfect, but we all have our vices. With that said, I decided to go back and watch the one saw film that left me with the worst taste in my mouth to see if i could find some redeeming factors to it.

When I first watched it, the main factor that stuck out with me was the very weak plot line...that hasn't changed. But what has changed is the information about the film that I have learned which slightly alters my perspective as to why the plot was so bad. The story line of this film was originally written as 2 SEPARATE FILMS! There was supposed to be a 7 and an 8. 7 was supposed to go into detail of Jigsaw and Dr.Gordon's relationship and how he brought Gordon back to health, and 8 was to be the series end. Due to the lack of box office turn out for 6 (which I thought was a great film), the producers decided to have the writers jumble up the story lines into one film, therefore not giving enough time to go into depth with the relationship and not tying up loose ends. Now knowing this information, I can kinda see what went wrong (It's still not an excuse, but I understand).

This newly found information also led me to enjoy certain parts of the film more (as awkward as that sounds). I remember another big complaint I had is that Cary Elwes did not get enough screen time. Again this hasn't changed. I'm a HUGE Cary fan. The first time I saw this film was in the theater, but this time I had it on DVD and found myself replaying the scenes he was in. Everytime I watch it now, Cary seems to get better! And as much as I dislike the plot, I can't help but love the ending now (Cary's voice gets all deep when he's talking to the chained up Hoffman and...well it sounds hot!). And when I say love the ending, I don't mean I loved it as an end to the series (it's still weak as hell), but I love the way Cary did the ending (It's a little hard to explain I guess, I hope you get it).

There was one thing that I hadn't noticed before though that I'm not sure if I hate or love just because I find it so funny! As I mentioned in the review I posted, the one thing the film had going for it was that gore hounds would love it. Again this is still true except for one small detail...THE BLOOD WAS PINK!  I'm not exactly sure how the hell this happened, but if you go back and watch the film again, you'll notice that the blood has a pink hue to it. I thought it was just how I had the colors set on my tv, but I went online was was not the only one to see. I found it both amusing and aggravating. Amusing simply cause it added a layer of cheese that hasn't been in a SAW film before, and aggravated because this was the highest budgeted film in the series...the least they could do was get the blood a decent color!!!

Overall, I still feel this was the weakest film in the series and it's still a disappointing end, but I now find that it ends up in my dvd player more often than I thought it would. I've actually watched parts of it three times since I got the DVD...almost all three times though, I was skipping to the scenes Cary was in. Cary, you've saved the film for me.

NEXT TIME on DBH Re-Visits...Vampire In Brooklyn (I know I haven't actually reviewed the film on DBH, but I haven't hatched it in almost a year and just saw it on TV recently...and I got things to say)!!!


JP "Strange and Shocking Turn Of Events" Wendel said...

I completely agree. Once I found out it was supposed to be two films I was able to forgive some of the more glaring plot holes, and of course Cary was great in the few scenes he was in.

Rhonny Reaper said...

Yeah I know people complained about the number of sequels, but I REAL:Y wish they would have done the two films separately. Now I just keep thinking what uf? lol

Am now following your blog btw :) Lovely place ya got there! ;)