Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dollar Bin Op-Ed:Are You Kidding Me?

By Eric Polk-
Now I don't want to go off on a rant or anything, but when you saw the list of movies that made Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments, didn't you want to scratch your head? I mean some of their choices left me more frustrated than a film student trying to sell an original idea to Hollywood. One example is a movie I recently reviewed:Signs!

So the producers of this list mean to tell me the one scene involving a child's birthday party is more scarier than a group of Knights Templar whipping a naked girl in a scene from Tombs of the Blind Dead? Or more scarier than dead Knights Templar rising from their graves in a beautifully shot scene? I know entertainment business folks like to have their pharmaceutical enhancements, but c'mon! Sometimes you just gotta lay off the stuff and think with a clear head.

Now I'm sure reason for Tombs glaring omission is because the producers wanted to appeal to as many mainstreamers as possible. Ok, if that's the case, why are films like the original Diabolique, Suspiria, Night of the Hunter, and Audition on this list? Ask any person who is not a horror fan(but likes Freddy and Jason) what those last 4 films I mentioned are and they'll look at you with a glance more curious than a 12 year old downloading his first naked pic of a girl.

What I'm saying is, how can a movie like Wizard of Oz with a not-so-scary scene, beat out movies like Tombs, The Prowler, and Rabid where there are shock scenes abound? There really wasn't a whole lot of thought into this list and it shows, especially at #1. Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong!


Anonymous said...

Because it's a stupid compilation-show-meant-to-take-the-place-of-actual-creative-programming from Bravo, that's why. I mean, BRAVO. What do you expect when you go to BRAVO for you definitive horror movie list?

JP "Strange and Shocking Turn Of Events" Wendel said...

To be fair, after the first 100 list Bravo did two more lists that featured several more lesser known films like Play Misty for Me and several Cronenberg flicks. Granted they also cited the remake of The Grudge as #1 on one of the two lists, but hey, we all have our opinions I suppose.