Monday, July 25, 2011

Dollar Bin Article-A Salute to Horror Movie Scream Queens

By Eric Polk-
Putting a hot chick in a horror film is as common as Chucky laughing. Yep, take away the babe, you take away the eye candy. So here now our my 5 favorite Scream Queens. And please be sure to wipe of the drool when finished reading,lol.

                  5)Felicia Rose-Certainly, in this writer's opinion. the hottest looking camper in horror!


              4)Linnea Quigley-I defy anyone who likes 80's B-horror to not think she was HAWT!!!!

3)Jamie Lee Curtis-Certainly the most talented, acting wise, of the Scream Queens. It all started with her!

            2)Elvira-Just goes to show that sometimes in this biz, you only need a great pair of....assets.

1)Heather Langenkamp- I know, I know. There are certainly alot more good-looking ladies in horror, but I am a pure sucker for the All-American Girl who can kick a horror movie icon's arse!

And there you have it! Now clean yourself up!

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