Friday, June 17, 2011

New Contest - Win One of Five Copies of Rhonny Reaper's Creature Features!

A while back, I had the honor of working with indie author and publisher Calvin A. L. Miller to create my first anthology, Rhonny Reaper's Creature Features. We took open submissions and the best stories were chosen, edited, and compiled into a piece of work that myself and all who were involved are proud of. While it's not perfection, a lot of hard work and amazing stories went into this book and $1 from every book sold goes to help fight Diabetes. Since my second anthology is almost ready to share with the world, I thought it would be fun to share my first with all of myself and Cal are giving away five copies to 5 lucky DBH readers! One grand prize winner will be chosen to win a SIGNED copy of the book PLUS a killer T-shirt from (pictured below, XL)! 4 runners-up will receive a copy of the book.

So, how do you win? Just leave a comment with your name, email address, and tell me your favorite anthology or short story book! The winners will be announced live on Dollar Bin Horror Radio on June 29th (the winners will also be notified by email) so enter and good luck!


Michael C. Dick said...

Michael C.Dick, Favorite Anthology right now would have to be Classics mutilated/Remake remodle, Retwist. Takes authors such as Twain vrs. Lovecraft, Snow White vrs Alice Dickerson Billy the Kid meets Frankenstein and lots more. Good clean dark humor. Highly recommend it

Chuck Conry said...

Chuck Conry

I was always fond of Stephen King's Different Seasons myself.

Mr. Gable said...

This is a hell of an anthology people. I should know, I wrote a story in it :D

The book looks fantastic and is FULL of amazing stories.

Craig Edwards said...

Craig Edwards

Night Shift - Stephen King

Eric Polk said...

Eric here. The thing I love about this anthology is the eclectic mix of stories and styles. There are first-time writers, established, vets,and just ordinary people writing for an extraordinary cause.
Oh, and my story "The 12:07 to Stoningham" is also featured in this book of short stories.

Spookywolffe said...

Reid Britt

I've read a LOT of horror anthologies, but I still think my favorite is Stephen King's Night Shift. It laid the foundation for so much horror to follow. "Battleground" is still my favorite!

Justin T Coons said...


Clive Barker's Books of Blood have always been some of my favorites and more recently the Bizarro Starter Kit (purple). And of course I can't forget the Undead that Saved X-mas because both you and me are in it!

elizabeth gray said...

clive Barker's The Books of Blood were great but I prefer CABAL, yes I would consider it an Anthology. It has one large story and several short ones too.

Anonymous said...

Brian Andrews
Favorite Anthology...that is tough But I would have to say Clive Barker's Books Of Blood.
Favorite short story book...I Am Legend By Richard Matheson.

William Baez said...

William Baez

My pick would be Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. This is the first entry in a series of books that most of us grew up reading as a kid. These series of books helped to establish or confirm our love of horror at a young age.

Anonymous said...

Lily S.

My favorite anthology is Weird Tales from 1980. Great series of books and stories!!!