Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight:The Case(1979)

By Eric Polk-
Ok, I understand that in 1979, production values for an independent film were nowhere near the caliber they are today. I also understand that when you're a filmmaker starting out, you naturally tend to draw heavily on your influences. But this film directed by Charles Kaznyk(who apparently was planning to submit a Cleveland horror film festival)is just drop dead dumb!

You have some kid looking like the offspring of Clark Kent and Squints from The Sandlot, nosing around(and this makes me laugh) Romero Chemicals asking the evil president about a radioactive chemical being released, which of course he denies. Gee what an original idea!

Next up, we see a zombie attacking and being shot. Kinda gory for a homemade film. Probably the most melodramatic piece of sludge I've seen in a so-called horror movie comes up next when Clark Squints and his wife(ok, these kids aren't even old enough to buy Pepsi, let alone be married)do the 'please don't leave me' speech on a train platform. Oh yeah, a train. That's really cliche.

The only redeeming quality of this film comes when we see the remains of a real-life train wreck in the background of the next scene when another zombie(who looks exactly like the first zombie) gets shot. I was told there was a huge train accident in the town of Lillian, Ohio(and that's another thing, I live in Ohio and I've never heard of the town!) which gave production value.

After the scene where two kids talk about'Nam(oy vey!), I gave up on this POS film and tossed my screener copy somewhere down the Cuyhoga River with a message to Rhonda to never show me this again! Thanks alot! No wonder we never heard from Charles Kaznyk again. If this had been filmed three, four years later, it would have been collecting dust in the bottom shelf of the horror section of my favorite video store, right next to Woodchipper Massacre, Crazy Fat Ethel II, and Inchon!
[Eric here. If you took this review seriously, then I feel sorry for yins.However, if you want to play along in the commentary, feel free. I had fun writing this review and besides a sense of humor is good for you!]


Faycin A Croud said...

Well, the cover looks pretty cheesy. And Inchor sounds like it must be a movie about a murderous inchworm. That would go well as a double feature with Night of the Lepus.

Eric Polk said...

lol...actually Inchon is about the famous Battle of Inchon that took place during the Korean War. And it was funded by the Moonies! Nevertheless, the film was so poor it deserved to collect dust!