Friday, June 24, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight:From Eric's Vault-The Prowler(1981)

By Eric Polk-
[As you read this, bear in mind I saw this film over two years ago. I do plan on giving this movie another viewing as I feel I didn't watch it with a clear head.]

                                                      [From Eric's MySpace page, 8/13/09]

This is a lesser-known early-80's horror movie I had waited years to see. I saw the trailer and heard nothing but good things about this film. Sadly, like many of the lesser-known movies of this era, this one fails to live up to its hype.

The premise and openings are rather good, a jilted WWII vet returns home and takes out his lover and current boyfriend at a graduation dance in the mythical city of Avalon Bay. Flash forward thirty-five years and the return of the graduation dance.

From there the killings begin anew. Unfortunately, the kill scenes are interspersed with long, drawn out set ups that bog this movie down in mediocrity. The kill scenes are fantastic even though a few where cribbed from other horror films. The ending is rather insipid and uninspired. In the range of this sub-genre of horror, it's better than Graduation Day and The Forest, but nowhere near as good as the original My Bloody Valentine or Madman.

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