Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight:From Eric's Vault-Troll 2(1989)

By Eric Polk-
[Time for a disclaimer. I know there is a huge cult following behind know there is a documentary about how blown up into the cult status echelon  of  Rocky Horror Picture Show and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Yet, I cannot bring myself to take this... film... tongue in cheek, let alone seriously. I'm sorry Troll 2 fans but I am pissing on hospitality and going to call this the 2nd worst movie ever made!]

                                           [From Eric's blog, Anotherdescentinto...9/10/10]

I'm going to be to the point...PIECE OF FUCKIN SHIT!!! Steer clear of this movie. Yes, I'm aware of its cult following as Best Worst Movie ever, but no matter how I tried to see this film, I couldn't get past anything that was bad and I love bad movies! But what I don't like is the dialogue, Jackie Collins could have written better verbiage!. The acting on the level below kindergarten plays. Worse yet, this isn't a sequel to the original Troll! Yet in the pile of shit, I can at least pull from it one peanut...

This movie has displaced Titanic as my 2nd least favorite movie of all time. Maybe I don't get it. No wait, I do. It sucks! If you like this movie in whatever context you see it in, good for you!


Mr. Gable said...

If you were to write this review in all caps and slip in a "fucking awesome" every couple of sentences you would pretty much have reviewed it the same as I would have.

I love this movie FOR the reason's you just stated. Is this your first experience with Troll 2? Honestly, it's an acquired taste. Give it another go and let it overcome you. You will love it.

I eagerly anticipate the next poorly written line, the next ridiculous plot twist, the next appearance of grandpa, all of it makes no sense but when you put it together its just one huge pile of awesome. I love it and force others to endure it.

Also, you may need to watch it in a group. It's great in a group.

Eric Polk said...

It was my first time watching it(and my last). I tried taking it for the bad movie it is but way beyond the realms of tolerance for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love bad movies but me a reason to drink and have headache.

Drunketh said...

Aside from the "Row Row Row your boat" scene this movie isn't the least bit horrible. That scene only. Except for the oozing plant face screaming afterwards.

Jack Veasey said...

I rented this film expecting to like it because of its cult reputation, and I couldn't sit through the whole thing either. I can see how it might have been more fun to watch it with a group, with everyone riffing on it like MST3K. Drugs might help too. But I wouldn't pay to see it again.