Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - The Brain Eater's Bible (Review and Giveaway!)

“What the hell is wrong with me!?”
That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? You woke up in a drainage ditch covered with skin ulcerations and nasty flesh wounds. Your body is numb and your memory is foggy. Someone tried to give you medical attention, but you repaid their kindness by savagely killing them and eating their brain.
You are a zombie, my friend, just like me. Though most zombies are slow and stupid, the fact that you are reading this tells me that you are different. Some of us are.  Welcome the PACE virus apocalypse.
The Brain Eater’s Bible is a field manual and manifesto for the reanimated dead loaded with over 200 full color photos, diagrams and anatomical drawings.

     Pat Kilbane has been known as a funny man on the hit TV show MadTV, but did you know he was an expert in the undead (He was in the remake of Day of the Dead...)? The Brain Eater’s Bible is such a fun and zombie-fact filled book that it leaves you to wonder if he actually IS a zombie!
     The first thing that struck me as I read this book was the layout and images. The anatomical sketches and photos are well done, and the zombie photos are sick and brilliant (with REAL make-up, not just photoshop alone).Even the grungy green color of the book and it's journal-styled layout adds to it's appeal (kinda like the greenish tint in the SAW films).
     The book itself is separated into easy-to-follow chapters covering all the basic information a newly reanimated zombie needs to know. Everything from the reason zombie's eat brains, knowing the new "you", knowing the enemy and their tactics, and even zombie self-defense moves are listed in this book (the self-defense images are probably my favorite because they remind me of "self-defense class" images that you see in a karate class, but with cooler moves such as the "Pitchfork Thrust to the Head"). While the book is fun and enjoyable, it's also full of actual anatomical facts, such as all the major parts of the brain and their functions (as a nursing student, I found this part very intriguing as I haven't really seen another zombie book that has spent so much time on such an important subject matter). It even covers why human brains are far superior to animal brains.
     The last chapter, while the shortest, is one of the most important to new zombies...the four "I's" of infecting others (how can your species survive if ya don't know how to spread the fun?). The chapter not only covers the old fashion "biting your victim" method, but unique ways to use the enemy's own devices against them (If you don't like might wanna skip the third "I" of the four...but then again if you're dead already, what's the big deal with needles?).
     All together, this book is a MUST HAVE for zombie fans! It's easy to read and just to damn fun to put down! And to all of you who are hip to the new electronic gizmo out there called the "IPad", you can have even more zombielicious fun! Pat has teamed up with Zentro Media to create The Brain Eater’s Bible IPad app, which includes the book plus videos and interactive goodies with creature design by Emmy-winning effects expert Dean C. Jones (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Toolbox Murders)! In Pat's own words, "The interactivity and video capabilities of the iPad are amazing.  When you combine that with high-end makeup effects, it’s as close as horror fans can get to a zombie apocalypse without being eaten.” You can get your hands on the app by clicking HERE, or if you prefer the good old fashion hard copy, click HERE to snag one! If you want to learn more about the book, head over the the book's website at

     And now for the part you've all been waiting for...THE GIVEAWAY!!! I have one hard copy of The Brain Eater’s Bible for one lucky DBH fan! Now usually, you would just need to leave a little ole hum-drum comment, but this time I want to make it interesting. Since Pat is known as an amazing funny man, I wanna see how funny our DBH readers can be! Leave a comment with your name, email address, and your BEST ZOMBIE JOKE! It can be clean, dirty, scary, whatever, as long as it's FUNNY! I will pick a winner two weeks from today (that's June 1st for all you calendar-illiterate peeps out there, the day before I turn 21!) and will announce the winner along with their winning joke on that days episode of DBH radio! ONE ENTRY PER PERSON! Get entering and good luck folks!


iZombie said...


a zombie walks into a bar and heads up to the bartender, the bartender asks what will you have... the zombie just lunged.


What's a vegetarian zombie crave? Graaaaains!!!

"Man behind the Curtain" Drew said...


Q: What profession did the zombie with a green thumb decide to pursue?
A: Zombotany

Kelly said...

The baby zombie asks her mother “Mommy, do I have daddy’s eyes?” The mother says “Yes you do honey! Now eat them before they get cold!”

Kelly C.