Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Crestfallen

When Lo has her life come crashing down on top of her, she makes the impulsive decision to end her own life. Now with her health hanging in the balance, she questions her decision. With every drop of blood rippling in to a new memory, will the bad ones take her life, or will the good ones overpower them?

The combination of Russ Penning's writing, Jeremiah Kipp's directing, Deneen Melody's acting, and the amazing production skills of Muscle Wolf Productions makes a magical and unstoppable combination. This short takes on a tough subject matter and makes a beautiful, chilling, and haunting film with an overflowing bounty of emotion. Deneen Melody takes on the role of Lo with such beauty and sorrow that it hits you right in the heart. The film is great, but it's the details that push it over the top. Great plot, beautiful shots, and even the lighting reflected the story that Russ was trying to portray. I would love to see what he does with a feature length film, cause this was stunning to say the least. You can learn more about the film HERE.

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