Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 15 "favorite serial killer themed horror film" of the 30 day challenge

So we're halfway into this thing! Can you believe it? Well anyway, let's do this thing and get into my favorite serial killer themed horror film. That honor goes to Seven starring Brad Pitt. However, before I get to Seven, let's talk about Brad Pitt for a minute. Brad Pitt is one of those stars who's just a hunk, pure and simple, but behind the hunkyness their is a vulnerability, a sadness behind his look. That's what I think has made him such a huge star for 20+ years is that he has that vulnerability and doesn't come across as cocky. How many actors can you honestly say have remained huge box office stars for 20 years? Seven is one of the best examples of playing up to Pitt's strength. With this film, I couldn't imagine anyone else playing this part.

Now let me get into Seven. Seven has so many aspects about the film which are just great, but the element that single handily stands out the most is the finale. Not cause of the gruesomeness of the situation, but because of the internal and external struggle with Pitt's character. Throughout Seven, Pitt has created this character that viewers relate to. Then when this surprise comes out from left field, seeing Pitt's face, those sad haunting eyes, seeing the struggle in his head on how to handle the situation and then how the situation resolves itself is one of the most haunting and unforgettable experiences in horror film history. Seven has many wonderful elements at its disposal to create a really good film, but it's Brad Pitt's powerful performance that takes it to another level and makes Seven a truly great film. 

So which film would you have picked? take part, the rules are below, or you can check out the Facebook fan page and interact with everyone else that's taking part by visiting:!/pages/30-Day-Horror-Challenge-by-Big-Daddy-Horror-Reviews/198282733537709?sk=info

Or feel free to start your own blog posts on your site! (You can start on day one or you can feel free to join me on day we are currently at). Or just feel free to leave us a little comment so we know which film made the cut for you! The rules are simple, just pick your favorite horror film for each day! However, you can't pick the same horror film more then once. So once you pick say The Exorcist for your favorite horror film involving the powers of Hell, you can't repick it again for any other day what so ever including favorite horror film. And for once, I am opening up the comments section so that, yes, you can comment each day along with me on your favorite picks! So let's get to it! This is the 30 Day Horror Film Challenge! 

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Day 15 - Your favorite horror film involving serial killers
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Day 24 - Horror film in which you prefer the edited version over the director's cut
Day 25 - A horror film that you used to hate, but now like
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