Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 7 "supernatural horror" of the 30 day horror challenge

Favorite supernatural horror? This is a sub-genre I kinda love and hate. First, a lot of these films can be incredible scary, because it taps into that fear of being scared of the other worldly. However, they sometimes have a habit of blending into one another without distinction. My pick, is one, I think that has stood the test of time, because it taps into an even deeper emotion of just being scared of a ghost. So for my pick, I went with.....

The Sixth Sense - Sure, The Sixth Sense is pretty damn scary! Sure, it has some terrific performances. What really stands out though, is the human side of the story in The Sixth Sense. Have you ever lost a loved one? Have you ever felt guilt or incredible sadness over that death? Now tell me the scene, that takes place when the mom and son's car is stuck in traffic, where he tells her of what grandma has been telling him, didn't bring even the slightest tear to you. That one scene alone gets me every single time! I'm like a big baby just blubbering away, because it so deeply resonates with me. Or how about after the twist is revealed? How about the wife's actions throughout and the talk between husband and wife in regards to those actions. There's something about these scenes that taps in something that people feel when someone they have loved has died that is so deeply personal and moving. The Sixth Sense channels a pain a lot of people have felt and it makes them cry, but at the same time it uplifts them. How many films can you say do that? That's why my hat's off to The Sixth Sense.

So which film would you have picked? ....to take part, the rules are below, or you can check out the Facebook fan page and interact with everyone else that's taking part by visiting: 


Or feel free to start your own blog posts on your site! (You can start on day one or you can feel free to join me on day we are currently at). Or just feel free to leave us a little comment so we know which film made the cut for you! The rules are simple, just pick your favorite horror film for each day! However, you can't pick the same horror film more then once. So once you pick say The Exorcist for your favorite horror film involving the powers of Hell, you can't repick it again for any other day what so ever including favorite horror film. And for once, I am opening up the comments section so that, yes, you can comment each day along with me on your favorite picks! So let's get to it! This is the 30 Day Horror Film Challenge! 

Day 01 - A horror film that no one would expect you to love, but you do
Day 02 - The horror film that you relate most to
Day 03 - Your favorite slasher
Day 04 - Your favorite werewolf film
Day 05 - Your favorite monster movie
Day 06 - Your favorite vampire movie
Day 07 - Your favorite supernatural horror film
Day 08 - Your favorite anthology
Day 09 - Your favorite exploitation / grind house type film
Day 10 - Your favorite psychological horror film
Day 11 - Your favorite science fiction horror film
Day 12 - Your favorite horror film involving the occult
Day 13 - Your favorite horror comedy
Day 14 - Your favorite zombie film
Day 15 - Your favorite horror film involving serial killers
Day 16 - Your favorite childhood themed horror film
Day 17 - Your favorite horror film remake
Day 18 - Your favorite foreign horror film (outside of your country of origin) Day 19 - Your favorite horror film involving the powers of Hell or Satanism
Day 20 - Your favorite horror film involving a killer animal
Day 21 - Your favorite medical horror film
Day 22 - Your favorite horror themed TV show
Day 23 - Your favorite made for TV horror film
Day 24 - Horror film in which you prefer the edited version over the director's cut
Day 25 - A horror film that you used to hate, but now like
Day 26 - Your favorite horror film to watch as a child
Day 27 - Your favorite guilty pleasure
Day 28 - Your favorite horror film that no one's ever heard of
Day 29 - Your least favorite horror film of all time
Day 30 - Your favorite horror film of all time

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Good choice...that one didn't even cross my mind, but it was a great film.