Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dollar Bin Film - Puppet Master 4

The killer puppets are re-animated just in time to help battle off some demons that are after the serum that brings life to the puppets.

Undistinguished sequel in a long lineup of films. With the past entries in this series, the puppets have been the stars. This series has been all about finding creative ways to showcase these little puppets and offer up unique death sequences centered around them. This time around, almost all of the action is centered around just one puppet. This new puppet is just rather bland and uninspired. Since this entry hangs all of its chips on the unveiling of this new puppet, whether or not this entry succeeds all falls squarely on the shoulders of this new creation. Since this new puppet is rather unexciting, this entry is just rather dull. The best compliment that can be mustered up about this entry is, that it's at least short. With the Puppet Master films, viewers aren't expecting something on par with The Exorcist. People watch these films to be a part of what is going on with the characters, the puppets that they fell in love with to begin with. Too bad this entry doesn't deliver upon that.

-Brandon Sites

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Morbidementia said...

It's true that this movie won't have much for the average viewer, but die hard Puppet Master fans and fans of bad movies in general should still get a kick out of it. Especially the laser tag scene!

Still, this movie does mark the beginning of the decline of the Puppet Master series in general.

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