Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Evil Bong - Dollar Bin Films

Group of pot smoking college students find themselves in a battle for their very souls after it turns out that their bong is demonically possessed.

Moderately amusing film from Full Moon Pictures captures the comedic pot smoking, slacker mentality well, but could have milked puns and jokes involving smoking reefer to greater effect. Gets bogged down a bit by repetitive horror elements featuring poorly staged death sequences. These scenes feel as though they are a bit of a throwaway. They are never as impactful as a death sequence should be. Still, Evil Bong is fairly easy to digest. It's light, breezy, non fussy kind of entertainment that doesn't require much of its viewers other then to set back and enjoy. It's, obviously, lacking in depth or substance or anything meaningful to say. It's, also, instantly forgettable. As a film, Evil Bong is serviceable. It's watchable, but like smoking pot, it just doesn't really amount to much of anything.

-Brandon Sites

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Leanne Richer said...

I watched Charles Band's Evil Bong yesterday to commerate Valentine's Day.

I agree with what Brandon has to say here.

The only thing to add is I would have liked to see the bong do some minor things like...

(a) grab some weed and smokes some itself or

(b) kill and digest a houseplant that was innocently sitting on the shelf

BEFORE Miss Bong had the power to reap the stoner boys' souls. Not enough time was spent with the bong!