Saturday, October 16, 2010

Splurge Of The Week : Jackass 3D

***Mild Spoiler Alerts in this review***
The gang is back with all new jokes, gags, and disturbing stunts. Ok, so it's not a horror film...but I just HAD to post on it. I was raised watching Jackass. I've seen almost every episode, watched every film (except 2.5, which I REALLY want to buy), and have been a huge fan the whole way through. So me personally, I was expecting a hell of a lot from the 10th anniversary of the show. Was I dissapointed? Hell no!

Now usually, I fucking hate spoilers in reviews, but I couldn't think of a better way to explain the reasons I loved this film without describing some of my favorite stunts.

High Five
Do you remember the fist in the wall from part 2? Well, the Jackass crew took it to a whole new level! Dunn, Erin, and Bam all took a hit, but of course Bam got the worst of it. He got FLOORED and antiqued all at the same time!

Electric Avenue
Ok, so here the gang has to run through a maze of various tasers and cattle prods...what could go wrong? Again, Bam took it the worst, getting zapped in the neck...and as usual, we have Pontius laughing the whole way through the maze. How can he always laugh when he's in pain?

Poo Cocktail Supreme
Ok, so lets put a porta potty on two huge bungee cords and shove Steve-O inside (who I must say looks a hell of a lot better now that he's sober)! All I could help thinking was CLOSE YOUR FUCKING MOUTH DUDE!

Invisible Man
Johnny oh Johnny, where did ya go? Oh, your right there about to get creamed but a bull least he went over the rainbow!

Super Mighty Glue
Ok, so I couldn't find a pick for this stunt, but it's gotta be one of the funniest. Bam super glues his hands to both his dad's and Preston's hairy chests...and them RIP! He has Hairy Palms! But the best part is Preston's and Wee Man's epic super glued 69!
One of the other dudes: " It takes at least two minutes to dry"
Wee Man: "Two Minutes is the longest 69 I've had!"

Overall, the film is exactly what you should expect from a jackass film, and the end credits is so cute! Weezer sings a song about memories while baby and childhood pics of all the cast is shown. My only complaint is they could have taken better advantage of the 3D imaging, but there are a few spots where it works great. Go see this movie!


Sarah said...

omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jackass!!! So glad you posted on it! Seeing it tomorrow :) :) :)

forestofthedead said...

Great review. Loved this film so much and Jackass in general.

Spooky Sean said...

I grew up skateboarding, so it was great when Jackass came on the air.
I'd already been reading about Knoxville in this skateboarding magazine Big Brother, where there were pictures of him getting tazed and having mace sprayed in his eyes.
2.5 is great, a little different because there seems to be more behind the scenes commentary, but still fun.
I also recommend Wildboyz, if you like Jackass.