Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Grunge Bob Camo Pants: Zombie Hunter

Here he is to save the day, the world’s first Zombie Hunting Super Hero, Grunge Bob Camo Pants. Son of a widow and now orphaned, Grunge Bob Camo Pants explores his world in search of ZOMBIES. Yes, Zombies are real and because of this simple truth your children need to know what to do when the inevitable Zompocalypse occurs. Grunge Bob Camo Pants searches the World for these deadly creatures. He protects the living from the terrifying jaws of the undead and still manages to maintain a 3.75 Grade Point Average.

Grunge Bob is a fun, imaginative little tale about a little boy, his dog, and hunting zombies. The story is your basic zombie story but with a fun, child-like feel to it. It tells of a little boy (Bob), who's mommy was eaten by a zombie. Now he and his wolf dog (Shelby) have committed their time to defending America against the zombies (and to finish his homework on time). I think it's the perfect read for the little zombies in your life. The only thing I would be careful about is that some of the drawings are a little graphic, but nothing that's too over the top if your little one likes zombie's already (this book was also approved my my 3 year old niece Shania, who just happens to love biting people). The images and artwork is very well done and make you smile at certain points of the book. The story is your basic zombie tale with a touch of patriotism and fun, is easy to read, is light hearted, and again is very suitable for young horror fans. I think this book is a perfect stocking stuffer or even a fun Halloween surprise! You can pick up your copy HERE, and I recommend you do!

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