Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Eye Witness Zombie

THE DEAD WALK! Slip into the skin of common men and women and experience the horror through their eyes. Follow the Zombie Apocalypse from its initial stages to the brink of the abyss, and over...into the pits of an unthinkable Hell on Earth. Tune into your local stations for the latest updates or stay here and follow the story as it unfolds on...Eye Witness: Zombie

This anthology is packed with 15 of the most unique, interesting, and, in some cases, funny zombie stories out there. Every story has it's own voice and range from a man trapped in his bathroom, writing his thoughts on the walls, to a redneck man who has even more reasons not to like his wife. My favorite stories in the whole book were probably "Childish Things" by William Wood and "Dredge" by Nikki Sedlock. The first one was just fucking hilarious! It had me laughing while I was reading it (in school might I add) and had people looking at me like I was nuts. The second story took place in a Walmart...need I say more? Out of 15 stories, there really wasn't one I disliked. I found them all to be well written and each one's style worked for that particular story. I would definitely recommend this book to both general horror fans and die-hard zombie fans. You can pic up your copy HERE.

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NikkiS said...

Dude, just really needed to say, reading this made my fucking year. I about shit my pants seeing my name mentioned anywhere, I'm so glad someone actually liked the damn story!