Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - God Of The Dead

Vinnie thinks that he has enough trouble keeping the family business hidden from the Feds and when the U.S. is threatened by the Russian and Chinese militaries, he can't believe that things can get worse - but they do. Suddenly, Vinnie begins to experience some strange phenomena and his world begins to fall apart. He must now make some hard choices and with the help of a machine gun, battling creatures returning from the dead who are hunting him down. Find out what happens to Vinnie, his Catholic priest friend, USAF Major, a survivalist, a preacher, Ukrainian freedom fighter, a college professor and gun shop owner, a waitress, mobsters, and others that struggle with the zombie apocalypse.

This book has one of the most unique layouts I've seen in a novel. It's not written in a regular format, but as a film script. I like to be able to visualize a story as I read it and I find it very easy to do when the story is written in this format. It's also a good story. It's a dark survivalist novel that mixes zombies with something like a Godfather type story that plays along with it. While I did overall like the book, I do have a few little criticisms too. I found it to have a slow build up (zombie's aren't mentioned until page 44), which others may like but I'm an action-off-the-bat kind of girl. Also, I found it to ramble on in a few spots, but nothing that made me want to stop reading. The things I did like though were when zombies were finally mentioned, it was very well done. Max has an eye for detail when it comes to the attacks and they really pulled me back into the book. He also does a good job on giving us background stories of the characters that really lets you get to know who they are. Not perfect, but overall a good read. You can pick up your copy by clicking HERE.

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