Monday, September 13, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Unbound and Other Tales

Unbound and Other Tales is an excursion into the most bizarre corners of author David Dunwoody's imagination. Insects imprinted with human rage, gleeful heralds of the apocalypse, ghosts who take the living for joyrides, and a fictional villain come to life wait within. Here are 9 tales of the weird and the obscene...of things that should not be, and things that shall.

This book is composed of the main novella, Unbound, and a few shorts following. Unbound is an amazingly well written story about a missing author, murder, and one man's decent into an unimaginable situation. It's well written from the first word to the last, it doesn't let you go. Talbot, the man in question, is put into a situation in which he must commit hideous acts of murder to protect those around him from getting hurt. It's terrifying, emotional, and the story's voice will resonate in your mind long after you read it. The short stories that follow are full of some of the strangest, quirkiest, and scariest concepts I've ever read in an indie book. Creepy clowns, killer bugs, ex wives, and a whole lot more await you. Some of the shorts were a bit confusing and left you thinking "what?" but overall this book is well done and I would highly recommend it for horror fans to read. Get your copy HERE.

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