Friday, September 10, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Fan Appreciation Giveaway!

Dollar Bin Horror will be a year old next month! And while I plan on making a long, sappy thank you post when that special day comes, I want to thank all the fans who have supported us right now! So what better way to show our love than to give away the inspiration behind this blog...a dollar bin film!

And not just any film, but one of the cheesiest, awesomely bad films ever made...Attack of the Giant Leeches!

The winner will receive Attack of the Giant Leeches (brand new w/ the plastic cover still in tact) along with other random goodies (including a random Z.O.M.B.I.E. toy and trading card, an exclusive "Thriller" sticker from Mini Cassette Tees, a few "Hostel" movie prop replica business cards, and a Wild Eye Productions pin!). So what do you have to do to win this package of goodies? Here's what ya gotta do:

We are looking for fan pics to place on our new fan pic page. It will be a place to showcase all the awesome readers who support this little blog. Have you previously won a prize in a DBH giveaway? Take a pic with it! Are you reading DBH right now? Take a pic of you reading the site! Have you ordered a goodie from the DBH store? Take a pic with it! Are you a myspace type of kid who likes to take shout out pics (A picture with a message written on a piece of paper or on yourself somewhere)? Well send it in! As long as your in the pic showing your support of DBH, you could win!
You can post pics either on the Dollar Bin Horror Facebook (Click to visit), post a comment here with a link to the pic, or send it to with the subject line "DBH FAN CONTEST". Include your name and email with your entry! (If you use facebook to enter, I will contact you through facebook if you win so make sure your settings will let me message you!!!) The contest is open to ALL fans and will run until Oct. 1st (Three weeks!) so get your cameras out and start sending those pics it!!!

***All entries will be posted on the fan pics page. By entering, you give DBH permission to share your photo.


iZombie said...

:)... we should be giving stuff to you for have such a great site. in fact i am going to make stuff for you...

coming soon.


Daph said...

I LOVE your site:)