Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mental Illness in Horror Films

I was tagged in a meme by both and to post a series of screen shots depicting anything I want in film. I find the use of mental illnesses in film to be a very interesting subject because it makes you feel as if this could actually happen in real life. So here is my entry into the Screen Shot Meme!

Jame Gumb (Buffalo Bill) - Schizoid Personality Disorder 

Norman Bates - Dissociative Identity Disorder
Michael Myers - Psychosis

Esther Coleman/Leena Klammer - Sadistic Personality Disorder

Amanda Young - Stockholm Syndrome and Bipolar Depression

Now most of the other's involved in this meme have tagged 5 other blogs to pass it along to, but if you read this and think it would be a fun idea, go for it! (just remember to link back to this post). Choose any topic or theme you want in film (doesn't have to be horror) and gather your favorite screen shots pertaining to it.


Cyberschizoid said...

That's really clever!

Cool post!!!

Cheesemeister said...

As my "real life" self, I have type II bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, OCD (which manifests in two ways--the hoarding disorder is an ongoing and horrific struggle, the counting I turn into a game and it doesn't disrupt my life) and panic disorder/PTSD.
My writer-self definitely has dissociative identity disorder. I am up to 10 different pseudonymous writing personalities at this time. I doubt that I will ever reveal my real identity, as she's just plain boring. She's one of those fat middle-aged working poor broads that one sees shopping at Wal Mart on any given day.

Daph said...

Interesting Horror topic, interesting picks:)

Rhonny Reaper said...

@Cheese - You are an extraordinary person who I am so happy to be friends with :) Your real self is beautiful!!!

And thank you all for the comments :) I had fun finding these images and I googled each one to make sure I got their disorders correct lol

Wanda Bates Syko said...

Mine's a little off the beaten path, but I thought it would be fun to play!
Wanda's Mental Mayhem

Rhonny Reaper said...

A Wanda, just read yours and I really liked it! Very interesting and lovely blog you got there! :)

Jess C. said...

Very nice!

iZombie said...

you just fed my Frankenstein...