Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cornered starring James DuVal and Steve Guttenberg - Five Dolla Mistake

By: Brandon Sites (

Steve Guttenberg? Horror? A horror film with Steve Guttenberg? I should've known better! Surprisingly though, Guttenberg isn't the weak link here.

A group of characters playing Texas Hold Em after hours in a convience store are stalked and slashed by a killer. The catch is they are done in the same way in which they said they would murder off a killer if they ever saw one.

The plotting is what does this one in. One character goes to investigate a strange noise and is killed off. Another character goes to investigate and is killed also. The process continues to repeat itself untill only two characters are left. In the process, the element of suspense is removed since the outcome of the film's proceedings is foregone. Tries to take a few chances towards the films final mins., but by then it is too little too late. Only thing saving this film from being a complete failure is James DuVal managing to bring his edgy style of acting in an otherwise bland and boring film. Even still, it's not enough to make this even ok view or time killer. A film in which they put too little effort into.

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Oh man...I actually liked this film! I liked the level of gore in this film that is lacking from most "slasher" films released today.