Friday, July 2, 2010

Animals starring Marc Blucas (Buffy) and Naveen Andrews (Lost) - Dollar Bin Film

By: Brandon Sites ( New Release - $1/night via Redbox.

Based on the book by Craig Spector and John Skipp, Animals which just arrived to DVD in June, finds a female shapeshifter (Nicki Aycox) trying to start over again with a small town down on his luck construction worker(Marc Blucas), but her bloody past is about to catch up with her.

The script, while intruging, is never fully fleshed out. Instead the focus is put on the cast and several sex scenes. The sex scenes definately bring the heat as most of the leads are shown in various stages of undress getting hot and heavy. What makes these scenes work is the cast has sexual chemistry. The cast is far better then the material deserves lifting up what is probably a D list film and making it quite entertaining. Marc Blucas from the TV series Buffy, The Vampire Slayer is competent, but nothing more. Nicki Aycox makes for a tempting object of sexual desire knowing how to work her body, toss her hair, and moan at all the right times. Eva Amurri, Susan Sarandon's daughter and co-star of Californication, actually manages to bring substance to a grossly underwritten role. The standout of the bunch however is Naveen Andrews from the TV series Lost. He brings a snakey kind of charm to his role balancing that with just the right amount of menace. He manges to make his villian quite appealing. The special effects are pretty cheesey, but thank goodness there is only a limited amount of those. A few scenes definately stand out as they are done with energy and vigor. The best sequence involves the film's villian Andrews approaching a rude store clerk and having to dispose of her in the store's cooler. Haven't we all at some point wanted to do something to that annoying store clerk and this scene plays up to that perfectly. Too bad the rest of the material in the script wasn't as clever. All in all, watchable and entertaining with some energetic scenes making this passable. Recommanded viewing, but just barely.


Rhonny Reaper said...

I haven't sen this yet but ANYTHING with Naveen Andrews is worth watching!!!!!! (I have other things in mind when I watch him though.....)

The Halloween Blues said...

Naveen Andrews? I'll give it a shot. Not for the same reasons as Rhonny though. Hehe.... >_>