Sunday, June 27, 2010

Five Dolla Holla - Mother's Boys

By: Brandon Sites ( ) Big Daddy Horror Reviews

In the mid 90's Jamie Lee Curtis returned a bit closer to her horror / thriller roots with this film sporting a bizarre blond peroxide do. She stars as a mother who tries to manipulate and ultimately use violence to try to worm her way back into her kids lives after abandoning them for three years even though they have moved on and hubby has token a new gal pal. Competently made and acted on all levels. The production values and supporting performances all come across as rather forgettable. This is really a showcase for Jamie Lee to chew as much scenery as possible and chew away she does. She dominates every frame she is in as she gets naked in front of one of her children to show them a scar as the result of her pregency, as she self mutilates herself in the other woman's office during working hours to frame her, as she sets into motion a plot that involves her kid's holding hubby's mistress hostage! You name it, Curtis's character isn't afraid to try it to get back into the good graces of her children. If your a Jamie Lee fan you will be mesmerized as Curtis throws in everything she has except maybe the kitchen sink playing the villian here. It is an absolute thrill ride if you fell in love with her during her slasher heyday playing against type here. Others who aren't so enamored of her will find this film a less rewarding experience.

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