Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight:Blockade Billy

By Eric Polk of

So how does the master of horror, Stephen King, follow-up last year's monstrosity Under The Dome? He (gasps) simplifies with the 132-page novella, Blockade Billy. Blockade Billy is actually two short stories, the title tale followed by "Morality."
In the first story, William "Blockade" Blakely is called up to play catcher for the fictious New Jersey Titans of the American League. As told from the point of view of their former third base coach to Mr. King , the legend begins with Mr. Blakely laying the smackdown on a diving Boston Red Sox player.
From there, the Titan faithful cheer and an instant star is born. Of course, there is something not right about this too-good-to-be-true prospect. What that is I won't tell you:-)
Overall, Blockade Billy is an ok story. The majority of this fable takes place in 1958 which is fine by me, I enjoy stories set in earlier times. The thing I had a problem with was the plausibilty of the twist. It just doesn't quite ring true to me but then again it is told by an older gentleman.
In Morality, Chad and Nora Callahan are suffering from financial difficulties brought on by lack of employment and low-paying jobs. As luck would have it, Nora, working for a stroke victim by the name of Reverend Winston, is offered $200,ooo by the rev to commit a certain sin.
This tale is sinister, very sinister. This really is the study of Nora as she descents into steaming cauldron of greed, sex, and lust. Very powerful tale, very believable.

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