Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Demons and Other Inconveniences

A collection of short scaries for grown ups. Everyone has demons. It's recommended you face them before they get out of hand.

Demons and Other Inconveniences is a book with a fascinating and unique collection of short stories that truly captivate the reader and most of them give you a little chill on the back of your neck while reading them. There is really a story for everyone's taste in horror, from a demonic soul-stealing dog, to a good church girl gone psychotic, to vampires and zombies and evil babies, Oh My! Dan Dillard brings together some of the best indie short stories I've read so far and takes the reader on a chilling and fun ride. Honestly, there wasn't any story that I hated, but I did like some of them more than others. My favorite out of the whole book would have to be "indiviDUALITY". It had a really good build up, a message behind it that the reader could take with them, and one hell of a twisted ending that I enjoyed immensely. I also liked "Rotten Luck". I thought it was entertaining and took the whole zombie story back to it's origin, Voodoo magic and lore. Practitioners and believers of Voodoo have talked about the living dead for centuries before we called them zombies and this story was somewhat of a new aged homage to that. There were a few grammatical errors I saw in the book but the stories themselves are great and very much chilling. I say if you love a good short story, pic this book up HERE and you got 18 great ones to read!

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