Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dollar Bin Film - Savage Vengeance (AKA I Spit On Your Grave 2)

By: Brandon Sites ( )

Camille Keaton hiding behind the name Vickie Kehl and with good reason stars as a woman who is repeatedly raped by men. Angry and frusrated she takes revenge into her own hands with a chainsaw. This is a curio for some for sure, but there is a reason why this film has been so out of the public spotlight and even Keaton will not talk about this film.

First off, the men who keep on raping Keaton don't even need to take off their clothes or unzip. They are really guilty of brutually dry humping her! Oh my, the horror of being dry humped! Second, the chainsaw sound effects are completely out of sync. Third, the special effects are completely worthless. The word special in special effects should not even be implied as there is absolutely nothing special about this film. As for the picture quality, even in the VHS format (yes, this is available on DVD under the title I Will Dance On Your Grave: Savage Vengeance), ......well let's just say that most of the porn films of that era looked better then this. At a scant 65 mins., you can really feel the padding on this one.

As a kid, the cover art is what drew me into this film. Unfortunately, I have had the pleasure of seeing this film on more then one occassion. I am here to tell you now, hold onto your hard earned dollar. If you choose to ignore this advice, don't say you haven't been warned.

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