Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dollar Bin Film: Drive-In Massacre

By: Brandon Sites (

"On August 19th in California Drive-In the senseless killings began."
The opening sequence involving a couple sitting in their parked car in a drive in is promising. Hinting at what might be a fun little film. Unfortunately the film runs out of steam afterwards shifting it's focus onto police procedural. The makers of this could have had a field day with the material finding clever ways to send up cliches of drive-ins, but they don't. The film just drags along from one scene to another as the police investigate who might be guilty party with a poorly done murder sequence thrown in every once in a while. Where is the sense of fun? Where is the sense of humor? Where is the massacre? Where is the feeling of nostalgia involving drive-ins? It isn't anywhere to be found here, that's for sure!

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