Monday, June 14, 2010

Dollar Bin Film - Dance of the Damned

By: Brandon Sites of (Big Daddy Horror Reviews)

Every once in a great while, a horror film comes along that offers something so unique, so different, so original that it really reconfirms why you fell in love with the genre to begin with. This film just happens to be one of those examples.

A vampire kidnaps a suicidal stripper informing her that she is going to be his next meal. However, before he does so, he wants a glimpse into her life, into what makes her tick. He also wants to find out what it is like to live during daytime hours.

How's that for a horror film premise? Two desperate characters trying to find something in one another, for the vampire a glimpse into life. For the stripper, a chance to just finally end all the pain. Their actions, what they do, how they interact with one another over the course of this one eventful night is what fuels the suspense of the film and gives it a spooky kind of quality. Director Katt Shea appropriately keeps things gritty throwing in smidgens of style here and there, helping to create a realistic atmosphere in which these characters live in. The dialogue that she has scripted is frank and it's insightful. Cyril O' Reilly as the vampire and Starr Andreeff as the stripper bring their characters to life and offer up honest performances. And to end it all, Shea offers up an ambiguous ending which could be debated over and over again as to what really went down. Aren't those the best kind though? They at least get you thinking and reexamining things over and over again. This little low budget film isn't afraid to take chances, it's daring, it has something to it.

Roger Corman was so impressed with the overall results, that he himself had it remade three years later as To Sleep With A Vampire. Let me tell you know, please stay away from that film. It is inferior in every way.

For the budget conscious consumer, the following film is available for FREE via I have enclosed part 1 of this film below. Enjoy!

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