Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Gothkill (Screener Review)

Catholic Priest and inquisitor Nicholas Dread found this out the hard way. Nick was an earnest man. When he found out that innocents were being burned as witches he decided to do something about it. Unfortunately for him, his superiors didn't see things the way he thought they would. Burned at the stake alongside two women he had forced confessions out of, Nick cursed god and the church. He vowed he would have his own kingdom, and that he would save the falsely accused witches. Will he?
Fast forward to early 21st century New York. Demonic Cult leader Nick Dread, now completely mad, is to be executed for the murder of a group of religious leaders, as well as for massacring his own followers. His end of a bargain he made with the devil is now complete. His belief is that a kingdom of over one hundred thousand corrupt souls awaits him, and that he and witches he vowed to save would rule and reign as a king and his queens...or will they? Elsewhere in the City, a pair of dorky yet loveable young college girls are about to be treated as V.I.P. guests of the elite "Scorpion Society". The Scorpion Society are known for throwing all the best Goth events in New York. They regularly mix with celebrities and are believed to have magical powers which allow them to live like the Vampires of old. To be invited into their inner circle is an honor and a privelidge to say the least...or is it?

This movie was just so much fun to watch mainly thanks to the main character Nick Dread, played by professional fire breather Flambeaux. His performance as the deranged cult leader promised a kingdom in hell is absolutely hysterical, yet still frightening. He really convinces you that we was as nutty as he seemed. His lines seem to have almost a perfect timing to brighten up a dull scene or to mellow out a tense one. The film itself was pretty entertaining. The acting from the other characters wasn't too bad, the story was pretty simple to follow, and the film had a good pace. There is low budget gore throughout and hot naked goth and demon girls for fans who like a touch of exploitation in your horror. This is not to say the film didn't have it's problems. There were times where the film got a tad dull, but was saved by a funny line or a killing of some sort. The green screen fire effects, although I know the film is low budget, kinda bugged me; it made hell look pretty cheap for me. And my biggest pet peeve about the film was the actor who ran the "Scorpion Society". Yes he was supposed to be intentionally annoying, and he definitely did that, but he wasn't believable. He didn't convince me at all that he could lure young women into this club and convince them to follow him, he just wasn't the leader type. But I must say that these minor flaws don't take away the fact that this is a fun indie film to watch at that I very much enjoyed watching it. I say check it out! Visit to find out more.

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