Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Splurge Of The Week : Seed of Chucky (Unrated Edition)

Chucky and Tiffany return, resurrected by their sexually confused son, Glen (or Glenda), and hit Hollywood in the fifth film of the Child's Play series.

I'm sure you've all seen this film already, but if you don't have the dvd yet, I highly recommend you get it. Not only is the movie funny as hell, but the unrated edition has some deleted moments that will make you laugh so hard, you may just cry (most notably, Chucky's masturbation scene is extended in the most hilarious way...). Aside from that, the bonus features on this disk are to die for. You get behind the scene interviews with Chucky and the family, great commentaries from director Don Mancini, the head of animatronics and FX Tony Garnder, and the voice of "Tiffany" Jennifer Tilly, plus a special "Hell-iday slide show" of the family on vacation! Plus theres a ton more special features that are almost as fun as the film itself. In the words of John Waters, "God Bless the Little People!"


forestofthedead said...

Excellent film. I own it on VHS, sounds like I may need to get one of these newfangled DVD versions one day.

Tower Farm said...

I love this movie! Bride and Seed are the two best in the series.


Emily said...

The commentary alone makes this worth a purchase. I love all these films, but I agree with JM: Jennifer Tilly revives the franchise, and Seed is, aside from part 1, my unabashed favorite. Plus, a John Waters cameo!