Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas (Screener Review)

It's Christmas eve in Strangeville.The demented duo, Nixon and Hogan, have asked Santa for some sweet, sweet ule tide weed for their favorite holiday. Unfortunately, Santa mixes up the Christmas weed with Voodoo Zombie weed and smokes himself Undead! Now it's up to our dim witted heroes to finish Santa's delivery route or face the end of Christmas as we know it!

All I can say is Holy shit! This movie is crazy as hell, and thats why I absolutely adore it! If you've seen any of the Hack Movies before, you know what to expect; a lot of weed, sex, and blood. This movie doesn't disappointed. This time though, we got a Zombie Santa in the mix...and who doesn't love a Zombie Santa! Unfortunately, being a zombie makes it a bit difficult to deliver the last of the presents, so who does Santa call for help? Who else but our two favorite stoners, Nixon and Hogan! These two are probably my favorite characters in the whole Hack Movies world, and remind me so much of people I knew in high school. The film itself is pretty well shot (better than most of the other Hack Films), the story is of course ridiculously awesome, and the acting is so bad, it's amazing! Definitely one of the most entertaining Christmas movies I've seen, but this is one I wouldn't share with the kids buy an open fire...
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