Monday, March 22, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror and Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing Present: Favorite Actors who've Delved into Horror

Hey there Little Reaplings. And welcome to the second of hopefully many tandem posts by me and my brother blog Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing (the other post can be viewed HERE). This time around, we each picked out top 5 favorite actors who, while doing all genres of film, have taken the plunge and delved into our hearts with their foray into the Horror genre. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our list of Favorite Actors who've Delved into Horror!

Patrick's Picks:

5.) Emilo Estevez starred in the underrated Maximum Overdrive went to being in the Mighty Ducks films. Rock on dude.

4.) James Marsden appeared in the late 90's horror film Disturbing Behavior.
He went on to being Cyclops in the X-Men trilogy. You may have heard of them.

3.) Bill Nunn is an amazing actor who appeared in the horror film Def by Temptation. Since then he has been in tons of movies including Spiderman 1-3.

2.) George Clooney who did Return to Horror High and From Dusk Till Dawn went on to Batman and Robin. Come back to horror George!

1.) Jason Alexander, who can be seen in The Burning, also did, of course, Dunston Checks In.

My Picks:

5.) Lou Diamond Phillips found mainstream success early with La Bomba, and while his main delve into horror, Bats, was a bomb, I will always remember him for his killer episode of Tales From the Crypt called Oils Well That Ends Well.

4.) Skeet Ulrich is most famous in the mainstream light for his staring role in the hit TV series Jericho, but horror fans will always remember him as Billy in the 90's hit Scream

3.) Billy Boyd is most recognizable as the Hobbit Pippin in Lord of the Rings, and although you may not have seen his face in horror (he did play a small roles as the Loan Shark in Urban Ghost Story), you sure as hell have heard his the Seed of Chucky in the flesh!!!

2.) Elijah Wood, another actor who found mainstream fame as a Hobbit, delved into both the horror and thriller genres early in his career. First as a very young kid, he stared along side Macaulay Culkin in the thriller The Good Son (one of my favs). Then went on to play the geeky hero in the horror flick The Faculty.

1.) Brad Dourif has been in a fuck-ton of films in all genres (Above he is pictured as Grima Wormtounge in The Lord of the Rings...yeah I like LOTR, so sue me!) . In the horror community, he is most widely known as the voice and human face of Chucky, but this man really could pull any role he wanted to off!


Scream Queen said...

I am in love with the fact that Maximum Overdrive is on this list! Underrated, indeed.

Also, I love Clooney in From Dusk Til Dawn.

How about Kevin Bacon?

Rhonny Reaper said...

omg theres like 20 other people who could have been on this list! Maybe a part 2 could be in the future....

Cat. said...

Mm. I, too, like LotR, but way more than you, I think. :P At any rate, I second your number one pick (Brad Dourif) completely, as well as your comment. It's sad that he's not in more recognized films, but no matter what role he takes, his performance always leaves me breathless. :]

Spooky Sean said...


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