Friday, February 19, 2010

Jackpot in my Basement!

I have hit the motherload of awesome while digging through some of my dad's thousands of records stored away in our basement from various yardsale digs...16 Horror Vinyls!!!! I thought I'd share a few of my kick ass finds with all of you little reapers out there! P.S. my dad ain't gettin ANY of these back, so lets keep this little post between us shall we...


I got a double wammy of that gal on th couch who ain't no slouch, Elvria!

I also got a double dose of Monster Mash awesomeness (the original one lost it's case, but I have it on cassette too)

Also, a kick ass assortment of horror and Halloween sound & story albums, including this beauty.

And probably the coolest find EVA, a story album from the original Universal Monsters era!!!!

I also got the Beetlejuice Soundtrack on vinyl, and I must say, this find has turned my kinda shitty day into a GREAT day :)


James C. Sugrue said...

Awesome find! I love vinyl.

Matt-suzaka said...

Those are badass!!! Especially the Freddy's greatest hit's one! What songs does it have on it?!

Patrick said...

I remember that Freddy's Greatest Hits. Alot of oldies re-done with a few comments from Robert Englund as Freddy peppered through out. I get that alot of the songs are somewhat related to Freddy, like "Do The Freddy" or even "All I Have To Do Is Dream". I never understood how "Wooly Bully" fit in. Also, I'd kill for that Universal Monsters album. I would've totally freaked if I found such treasures in my basement. Lucky!

Chris Regan said...

I'm really jealous.

Tower Farm said...

NOT FAIR...why didn't my dad have any of these records in his collection?

Too awesome...thanks for sharing!


Armando said...

I have that Monster Mash album in mp3s. It's pretty good stuff!