Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror's Women in Horror Month Finale: Rhonny Reaper's Top 15 Chicks in Horror Flicks!

Good morning reaplings. Today is the last day of Women in Horror Month and all throughout the month, I've shared with you some of my favorite femme fatals of the horror blogosphere. Well today, I'm sharing with you my favorite ladies of the big screen, the women who make horror films oh so good. So without further ado, here are my picks for the top 15 chicks in horror flicks!

#15 Cherry Darling - This chick packs the heat, both physically and literally!

#14 Tiffany - I freaking love Jennifer Tilly, and how can you not love the bride of our favorite killer doll, Chucky?

#13 Mary Shaw - This was my nickname in high school for my doll collection. I can empathize with poor old Mary.

#12 Mrs. Lovett - Although it probably should have done the opposite, every time I heard Mrs. Lovett sing "Try the Priest", I wanted a beef pot pie.

#11 Laurie Strode - The original Final girl. And I thought my big brother could be an ass sometimes....

#10 The Bride of Frankenstein - The reason I love her so much is because she didn't even have to speak to be memorable!

#9 Sidney Prescott - Im just jealous she got to sleep with Billy before I could....damn you Sidney, damn you!

#8 Nancy Thompson - The first slasher girl to actually think and make a plan to beat the bad guy (too bad I was still rooting for Freddy).

#7 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - My favorite horror hostess, this woman built an empire in the 80's that's still going strong today. This woman is my hero!

#6 Clarice Starling - Any woman who can come face to face with Hannibal and Buffalo Bill without becoming a meal or a new suit is alright in my book.

#5 Carrie White - Finally someone got back at those assholes in high school that picked on everyone else to get there kicks! Go Carrie!

#4 Ellen Ripley - This woman is pure badass. She oozes with toughness. I wouldn't wanna meet her in a bar fight!

#3 Annie Wilkes - Misery is one of my all time favorite flicks. Annie is the perfect balance of craziness and charm. She sure knows how to make a house guest feel welcome!

#2 Baby Firefly - All this badass girl wanted was some Tutti Fucking Fruitti...oh yeah, and to kill you.

#1 Amanda Young - This poster girl for Stockholm Syndrome is probably the most memorable face in the whole SAW franchise. From the head trap, to the transformation into Jigsaw's right hand gal, this is one girly you shouldn't mess with.

Well there you have it, My big finale to the amazingly fantastic Women in Horror Month. I hope you all enjoyed and I hope we can do this again Next year!


Carl (ILHM) said...

Many excellent choices, but Amanda has always turned me off in the series and I would have given Laurie the upper hand over Amanda. Great picks Rhonny!

B-Movie Becky said...

I would have to agree with Carl, but some great choices of course. I'm always happy to see Planet Terror get some well-deserved nods.

forestofthedead said...

Great choices with your own unique style of writing...awesome per usual.

porkhead said...

Heheh, I always get cravings for pie when watching 'Sweeney Todd' too. Makes me want to shave too. 'Sweeney Todd' is pie and shaving porn.

Great list!

BJ-C said...

I want to make you a care package of some of the OLD stuff :)

iZombie said...

good call!

i wanted to let you know you have received one of the first "ZOMBIE RABBIT" awards... please stop by and collect your award and please display it proudly on your site/blog.
and please give this out to four blog/sites you feel deserve it and tell them to do the same if you could... and if we are not careful there will be zombie rabbits everywhere...

Rhonny Reaper said...

omg thanks! I just saw this comment and you rock!