Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Special Dollar Bin Horror Preview: Eternal Death

With her long-awaited second marriage finally about to become a reality, acclaimed novelist Terry Bruckham is besieged with painful and terrifying memories. Those most closely associated with her are also assailed by disturbing dreams and obsessive thoughts. A sinister plan is being enacted in the Earth's Dreamlands, home to the sleeping and the Earthbound dead, as a troubled spirit wrestles with the warring pieces of his own psyche for the well-being or destruction of everything that exists. Discover the world beyond the wall of sleep and its marvelous residents, both good and evil.
Eternal Death: Lost Beneath the Surface is a amazing story. It combines a multitude of emotions, from the love felt between Terry and Elvin, to the torture and pain felt by Pelle, to the callousness of the Vampire who gave him that pain. This book combines elements of romance, horror, gothic themes, and sorrow into a 500 page novel that compels you to keep reading. It even has small snippets of the fictitious books written by the characters (the snippets are amazing themselves and I would love to see them made into full length novels or novellas).
*Currently, due to creative conflicts, Lily Strange has turned the Eternal Death series over to Rose LeMort and the book is being re-written When it it completed, an official review and interview of the revised version will be posted. Till then you can find out more at the author's website, www.lilystrange.com/


Lily Strange said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word--it is greatly appreciated!

(too lazy to log into Blogger.)

Blooming Psycho said...

I just voted in the poll. I may be the only person who actually liked "Book of Shadows" better than the original "Blair Witch Project," which I could hardly sit through. It B.O.S. was silly, but I found it more entertaining.
I voted for American Psycho II as the worst sequel, being as I couldn't stand either movie in the American Psycho series, and I loathed the book too!

Blooming Psycho said...

"It B.O.S. was silly..."
Oy vay!
Go back to bed, Psycho!

Rhonny Reaper said...

glad you liked the post :)

I LOVED the first Blair witch and I must admit I own part two, but i thinks its one of those films you put in to fall asleep too lol. everyone has there own opinion, and thats why I love polls, to see who likes what :)

Andre said...

Rhonnnnny I gave you the Zombie Chicken Award on my site..... woohoo! : )

these awards are spreading like wild fire I LOVE it.