Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Help Fund Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween!

If you've been a reader of this blog, then you've already heard of my favorite comedic horror duo in indie horror, Caesar & Otto! And if you haven't seen Summer Camp Massacre or Deadly Xmas, I suggest you get on it right now...well, not right this second...we need you to help them fund their third film and you gotta keep reading! I adore these two and I've been waiting on them to take on the greatest time of the year, Halloween! Here's a short summary of the film from their indiegogo page:

Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween is loving, yet comical tribute to so many of the films we grew up with. Taking on everything from Halloween to the Shining, the Amityville and well beyond. But it's also our chance to show the audience the history behind these characters. Where do they come from, and give a deeper understanding of just who they are. But what makes this indiegogo campaign different from the rest is the following: 
A short, yet untitled Caesar and Otto bonus film to be shot in tandem with Paranormal Halloween. The first fully interactive crowdfunding experience where you the audience will choose the title, dialog, and most every detail on screen. All proceeds go to Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween.

That's right folks, not only will Caesar & Otto be starring in a feature film this time, but a short film that YOU will help create through the funding! How? The perks!!! If you've ever donated to an indiegogo project, then you know that depending on how much you give, you get a different "perk" as a thank you. These perks put YOU in charge! You can have them read a message from you in the credits, have your voice heard in the short, or even have Caesar call you for a 10 minute chat! You can even get a cameo appearance, be killed onscreen, or have your very own DVD commentary! Or if you're REALLY broke and just wanna help out, you can donate $1 (ANY little bit helps people!).

So where do you go to find out more and donate? Click below! Remember folks, ANYTHING helps and being that I've watched their films from the start, I can tell you EVERYTHING given will go directly towards the making of this film!


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