Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DBH Review:Chronicle(2012)

By Eric Polk-
Initially, I was going to break into 2014 with a review of the latest Paranormal Activity movie but there was so much shaky cam work going on, I had to leave the theater during the big gun fight because I became sick. So, thanks to a free preview weekend for HBO/Cinemax, I instead was able to watch a movie that has been on my radar for the past two years.

What does a shy, introverted teen who lives with a dying mother and abusive alcoholic father do to express himself in the early-21st century? Film everything, of course. Yes, kids, it's another found footage movie that takes the outsider vs. the world meat of Carrie and Patrick, tosses it into some sci-fi and superhero broth, and makes for what could have been potentially a terrific film.

Andrew is the aforementioned picked-on teen who is on the outside looking in. It doesn't help that his cousin Matt invites him to a swell milk and cookies party but Andrew's incessant filming ticks off one of the alpha males and, well you know what happens. Later, Andrew is persuaded by popular student Steve to record something strange he and Matt have found in the woods: a hole in the ground emitting a loud strange noise and they discover a large glowing blue crystalline object. Naturally, it gives the three powers far beyond those of mortal humans including good ol' fashion telekinesis and flying.

The disaffected Andrew's powers grow as expected and he proceeds to go Dark Lord of the Sith over his oppressors, complete with his dad's firefighters outfit. The more powerful he becomes, the more Steve and Matt try to stop him before he breaks bad all over Seattle.

As a fan of the outsiders and disaffected, I really dug this movie up until we can to the big fight scene at the end. Pretty much an excuse just to destroy everything a year before Man of Steel caught flack for, essentially, the same thing. Other than this and the poor CGI, I didn't think it was terrible. I was rooting for Andrew, hoping he'd snap out of his angry funk. That and a dollar gets you very little these days.

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