Friday, November 16, 2012

3rd Annual DBH Costume Contest Winner!

So I decided to change it up a little bit...We still have one grand prize winner, but I decided to throw in a second place prize and 2 runners up! Why the hell not, right?

So our GRAND PRIZE winner, who will be receiving a prize package including a SIGNED copy of Scott Kenemore's Zombie, Illinois, is Zoƫ Halm! This AMAZING Witch costume is HAND MADE and came with the best caption ever:
As The witch walks she slams her walking stick down ...with each slow step you hear the clanging and ringing of the bells and trinkets she has collected. She gives each person she meets a good look over maybe you have a trinket she needs? Maybe a finger? Maybe a toe?

Our second place winner, who will receive a copy of Burial Ground on Bluray, is Chriss Wright! Another fabulous Homemade costume of the one and only Slenderman! (The second picture has to be my favorite though...Slendy getting photo-bombed by Batman...perfected!)

And our two runners up, who will receive either a Tom Hubbard can koozie or bottle opener (the have been informed which), are Chris Dougherty (top) and Johnny Dead (bottom)!

Congrats to ALL our winners and look for the next Costume Contest next Halloween!!!

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