Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Run For Your Life (music EP)

Songs about zombies and how they might feel. It's a perspective of the undead and the world around them.

Aaron Stoquert recently emailed be about an EP he made. I don't get to review much music here, so I was kind of excited and cautious in excepting the offer to review his. I've listened to a few indie horror musicians before, and most of them come off as being a little cheesy and over-the-top with their horror themed lyrics. Aaron's 'Run For Your Life' on the other hand was something completely different and refreshing. Instead of being filled with computerized keyboards and insanely cheesy lyrics, the five songs on this EP had lyrics that were about zombies of course, but could have been about a lot of other things if you were in the mood for them to be. I love songs with lyrics that can be interpreted differently by everyone. It's very hard to do and Aaron pulls it off with an artistic flare. Also, the songs were done to nice, simple folk rock music, which gave the songs an extra level of creepiness. Overall, this is a great indie EP not just for horror fans, but for fans of good indie music in general. You can download the EP by clicking HERE (Oh yeah, did I mention you can name your price!?!)

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