Friday, December 24, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - The Whorehouse of Horror

"Tales from the Whorehouse of Horror" continues the story-telling tradition of the classic EC horror comics and the Twilight Zone. Ghostly Hookers, Yummy Mummies, Time Traveling Sex Tourists, and various horny mythological monsters are among the many horrific perverts you will meet in these tales taken directly from the red light district of the cemetery!

I have a soft spot for horror comics (as do most of us) and this one really delivers. It combines the wittiness of a fun horror host, The Whore of Horror, amazing artwork that really throws back to the old 50's horror comics while staying fresh, and stories that are both disturbing and interesting to read. Now If you're reading a story from a comic called The Whorehouse of Horror and are expecting some good clean fun...then your crazier than Britney Spears with an umbrella. The whole comic is of a sexual nature that pushes the limits between R and NC-17, so I'd recommend you don't let your kiddies take a peak at this one. It's funny, unsettling, and just plain fucking good! And the best part...IT'S TOTALLY FREE!!! To read it online and download a copy for yourself, head on over to and enjoy! Here's just a sneak peak of what to expect!

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Morbidementia said... gave it a very favorable review too. So I second this whole-heartedly. This is a great comic, don't pass it up!