Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Laidenn The Dark Elf

Vampires are the most disgusting creatures that walk the outskirts of the North Pole. One day, vampire snowmen attacked the workshop without warning. Laidenn, Santa's only dark elf-in-training, was already waiting for their arrival. But there were too many for the latent dark elf to handle. The beasts manage to kidnap Santa and take him back to the outskirts. There is only one other creature that can help Laidenn defeat the vampires and bring Santa back to the workshop before he has to deliver toys. And they are the living dead elves. But only a true dark elf can raise the creatures. Laidenn must do all he can to finish his Dark Elf training before Christmas Eve night. He must raise the Living Dead Elves and lead them into the outskirts to defeat the vampires and save Christmas. But who are the vampires and what's their motive? Can they be led by someone from Santa's past?

Ok, just for a moment, I want you to go back and read the book's synopsis read it? You got it? Good, now go get the damn book! The story is just so unique and fun to read that you won't put it down until you're done. The writing style is perfect for a younger audience (which is it's target audience), yet it has enough action and adventure in it to entertain the eldest of horror fans. It's not too over-the-top (so the little ones should sleep peacefully at night) yet it packs a punch with it's fast pace. Within the first few pages, we see the coming of the evil Vampire snowmen (what a concept, huh?) and the book keeps up the pace from there. There are a few grammatical errors, but they really don't take away from the story at all, in fact you may not even notice them as you read about undead elves (yet again, how awesome is that?). I can guarantee that after you read this, you'll never look at those Christmas decorations in the mall the same way again. It's the first is an upcoming series of Laidenn books, so if this sounds like the book for you, pick up your copy HERE!

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Andrew said...

I may very well pick this one up....
It sounds like the kind of thing that would get me in the holiday spirit.