Monday, September 6, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - The Art of Zombie Warfare

This manual provides a review of the tactical combat advantages enjoyed by zombies and gives the reader a step-by-step guide to adopting them for him or herself. Have you wondered where the great military leaders of modern history have found their collective inspirations? Well look no further.

If you've been reading DBH for any substantial amount of time, you already know how much I loved Scott Kenemore's last two books. This one is no exception. Scott takes a unique look at the zombie lore and instead of teaching us how to beat them, he teaches us how to learn from them. In this book, we take a look at how fighting like the undead can help us win every battle were in. The first section of the book covers how to fight like a zombie. It will teach you how to get over all of your fears of embarrassment, not being able to do the job your given, and how to never retreat. The second part covers how to lead like a zombie. You'll learn the proper techniques and abilities that will help you in leading your very own zombie army (and who doesn't want their own army!). The book is chocked full of humor as is all of Scott's books but this one has something new...a new illustrator. The cover art was done by Adam Bozarth (the same guy who has done all the previous art for Scott's books) but all the illustrations for the book were done by Adam Wallenta. His military style zombie drawings went very well with the text of the book and really helps illustrate all the main points made by Scott (although I have to admit, I liked Bozarth's style of illustration better and I felt some of the zombie's looked more like Nosferatus than zombies). All in all, this book is a must have for al zombie lovers and for anyone who wants to learn the best fighting style there is...The Art of Zombie Warfare! You can pick up your copy HERE.

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